Saturday, February 12, 2011

Side Effects Of Tibiscus Mushroom


Excellent turnout of participants in two events organized by our company

continues to sail the winter racing Athletics Together, the weekend just trascorsoinfatti, the Our have been committed by a double event that involved many of nostritesserati as athletes, many others as an organizer, and someone else - without naming names - Summer is committed as an organization as an athlete! has already started on Saturday morning with a meeting organized in collaboration Valentine Conle school "Leonardo da Vinci" in Busselton, close cooperation that this year haregalato a nice morning of sport to all students before, second and third media.Nel afternoon staged the second part of the meeting, with races for categories tesseratiFidal reserved for young persons and cadets / e.Sempre more massive participation in our meeting in questaedizione home that was as good as Provincial representative selection of boys and girls who take parteal Trophy indoor provinces of Belluno, 27 February, the numbers speak for themselves, the ragazzepartecipanti 80, 40 children, all engaged in the three tests of the 30m plans, high jump and launch dellapalla by 2kg. Enjoy the presence of cadets / e, about equally divided in 60 categories nelledue men and women engaged in the criterium stage of the winter with 30m plans andthe launch of the ball.

Regarding the comment of the results followed by a second article, however, the best result for our club bears the signature of Michael Mason, the protagonist of the biathlon victory thanks to the launch of the ball from 3kg to which must be added to the fair trial of 30m plans where Michael was ranked second, results that give you the mathematical certainty of victory at this stage of the criterium.
For individual results are then to report the second of Margaret Bonfante in delivering the ball, and the two fine performances in the 30m plans and Elisa Anna Schena Seelman, both first-year class, came in the final second and fourth respectively. Finally, optimal placement for Simone Passerini that sow Saturday to the sound of an excellent third place in the launch of the medicine ball.

SEVENTH. closed the curtain on meeting the next day it was the turn of the cross regional home hosted by the park at that Bertoldi of the Seventh. Good participation, the balance of sour results of our cross teams that have played the qualification of their respective national championships category.
can not not be a bit of regret for our absolute cross male who failed to defend the positions of Galliera and have narrowly missed qualifying in both the short and long cross, unhindered instead the path of two women's teams that will run the national "Campaccio" with both teams, as well as the men's team of students, to some surprise, the tears pass qualifying as the sixth team Venetian and then run right at the national championships.

UPCOMING EVENTS: The weekend promises to be very interesting at the gates with various appointments in the program, stands out on all of our students travel to Ancona junior and already left for the day in the Italian Championships Youth indoor, obviously great expectations for our sprinter John Galbieri that starts with the underdogs in the 60m high levels of 6 "85 and put a sign two weeks ago in Modena, but also eye person's return to the Veneto, Vicenza Pino, able to run the same distance in 6 "87 a year ago. Massimo Falconi eyes will turn to who will be involved in the 800 and 1500, and Michael Small committed to the high platform, both capable of big paw in important meetings, while it seems uncertain on the eve of our triple jumper Richard Appoloni struggling with a problem ankle, which marks a big question mark on his race.
Ready to have their say on the girls to begin Lisa Gothard date in good condition and fresh 5.55 m obtained in the long jump at the recent meeting of Modena; Lisa athletes compete with the most reliable but in this critical stage of the season states of the form will make the difference, the juniors will triple his debut with our colors for Chiara Pedrini, while Arianna Bertoncini will be engaged in the same race category of students.
Finally, to keep alive the field of launches will take care of Elisa Battaglini, who is also in great condition on the eve of the strong half meter of staff recently completed. More of our

will then still engaged in the cross, this at that time of Noale, an important qualification for the CIS national, in the Venetian will be busy boys and girls of our cadets Tesini, Ben Marks and Montresor pupil, while the other cadets will be making their debut on the track in Padua the indoor meeting where they will race in the long Mason and Schena, Bonfante and Albino in 60m plans cadets.



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