Sunday, March 6, 2011

Symptoms Of A Floating Hernia

Previews: A dance with dragons

Yes, you read correctly the title! Finally the wait is ending, and the dear uncle Martin tells us that the new chapter of A Song of Ice and Fire is almost finished! You will say: "We have already heard on other occasions, has been crying wolf over the years .." But this time is different! This time we have an official date, the July 12 (obviously for the U.S., but I do not take long to translate, at least I hope so ..).

Cover American
We carry Martin's own words: " This date is different. This date is real / This date is different. This date is real. The end is in sight, at long long last, and That we're close enough so my editors and publishers at Bantam Spectra Have an actual publication date in September / [...] The end is in sight [...] we are so close that my publishers [...] have established an effective date of publication. "

Also remember that since April 17, HBO will broadcast the highly anticipated show drawn from the saga adapted from the throne of Games , and that will tell the first volume of Chronicles.

Finally, news is not less important, is expected soon in Italy the release of a "volumone" single, which will collect the first four chapters of the saga: The Throne , The Great Winter, The kingdom of wolves, the queen of the dragons. It seems to me that the cost was approximately € 22 and will be published by Mondadori in the series Omnibus foreigners (Feltrinelli published on the site is expected in April, we'll see).

Changing the subject, it seems that there are no news about the the fourth book by Christopher Paolini, but I can not find any official news confirming: seems (I want to stress that may be just rumors) that the title was chosen, on the cover there is a green dragon and the date Publication has been established! If I can find some reliable source then I'll do a dedicated post:)

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